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The popular "oval"  laundry basket holds around 4kg of clothes.

About Us

Our aim is to make your life easier by doing what we do best, so that you can do more of what you love best.
Established in 1983 Dial a Laundry has grown and now provides a high quality self service laundry as well as a service laundry at our location in Richmond. We also pick up and deliver in a radius around Richmond – from Clifton Hill to the North, Balwyn/Camberwell to the East, St. Kilda/Malvern to the South and Parkville/North Mel/CBD to the west.

Our clients are Professional people, Couples & Families, Caterers & Restaurants, Day Spas, Hairdressers, Medical Rooms, Offices, Physiotherapists & Masseurs, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Tourists, Universities, Beauticians, The busy Mum or Dad. Our pick up and delivery service can be arranged as a regular service where we come each week or fortnight etc. or you can just call us whenever you might need us on a casual basis.

We specialize in servicing individuals along with small to medium businesses.
We also offer pick-up and delivery to your home, office, or place of employment.

Helpful Hints

Blood Stains?

The most important thing to remember is to never first put a blood stain in Hot water. Hot water will "set" or "cook" the stain which will make it almost impossible to get out.

Best is to get the stain under cold running water as soon as possible. If the stain is not new then soak in some ammonia straight from the bottle that you can buy at the Supermarket (it's already diluted). Then wash normally - still in cold water.

If any stain remains then it can be soaked in a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide and water or "Oxy" or "Oxygen" bleach that you can also get at your local supermarket. Start off cold and if the stain still persists you can now go warm or hot.

Sometimes Blood contains a high amount of "iron" which can leave a brown stain that still persists. In that case a possible solution is "Rust Remover". Due to being highly toxic Rust Remover is not generally available to the public so your answer here is to take it to a professional laundry or dry cleaning service like us.

Important: Always follow the usage instructions on any Product packaging. Do not use on wool, silk or leather. Do not soak metal buttons and zippers.

Sweat Stains?

Do your shirts suffer from those nasty yellow stains under the arms? One thing is for certain they didn’t appear overnight. The stain usually appears over time. In most cases it is the accumulation of antiperspirant combined with sweat. If it isn’t all washed out as soon as possible it will dry and set. The best way to avoid those stains is to do your best to
  1.  Use an antiperspirant with no or low “aluminum” content.
  2.  Make sure the antiperspirant has dried before putting on your shirt…or
  3.  Ensure the shirt is washed properly and as soon as possible after wearing – avoid hot water in the first instance (that will help “set” the stain) – cold wash first and then, if necessary, a hot wash can follow. Also, treat the area with a good quality “prewash” stain remover first.
What to do if it’s too late and the stain is already there? Unfortunately removing the stain is often very difficult. You can try searching the internet and you will find many remedies that may or may not work or, as part of our shirt laundering service, we will do what we can to get the best result possible. Come in to our store and have a chat to our staff… we’re here to help.

Washing Woolen Doonas.

Woolen Doonas have become quite popular in recent times but when it comes to cleaning, difficulties can arise.

One of the most common causes of grief is from our self serve customers when they wash their own woolen Doona. A large number of woolen Doonas are not washable in water, especially the cheaper varieties, and the result is hard, shrunk and unusable.

The best advice is read the label. If it says “Dry Clean only” then it is best given to us to clean it for you. If it is washable then follow the instructions carefully. We are here to help you most of the time. If in any doubt call us!

If you need bedding that needs to be cleaned regularly then a Doona with Polyester/Dacron filling or Feather and Down filling is best. In most cases these can be washed easily. PS. If your Woollen Doona has been Dry Cleaned be sure to air it for a few days before sleeping under it as there can be some residual chemical odour.